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Friday, April 2, 2010

A pain in the butt!!!

About 12 years ago my leg started hurting.... an ache that hurt a lot but "moved."  Sometimes it hurt in my butt, sometimes it hurt in my hip, always moving, but always aching.  No one could figure out why my butt, hip, leg was aching, so they told me to stretch more.  I stretched, I took ibuprofen, I went to doctors, and it still hurt.  As a last resort on nights when it was really hurting, I'd take a broccoli rubber band (you know, the BIG ones!) and would put it around my ankle until my leg went numb.  My mom did not approve of my self-medication, but it worked, so I did it.  She told me I was going to lose my leg, but I never did... although I did stop wearing it when I woke up one morning with an indention from the band, and when I got home from school that evening, it was still there.... yikes!!

I went to an orthopedic doctor yesterday, and $401.00 later (yes, he is expensive, apparently), he has diagnosed me with trochantric bursitis, IT band tightness, and a hip that dislocates when I sit down.  Neat!  I received a shot in the head of my femur (into the bursa which is inflamed) and have physical therapy twice a week for the next 6 weeks.  If this doesn't work out the doctor says I will have to get an MRI because he doesn't know what else it could be.  You know what? Now that I found out my butt dislocates every time I sit down, I really do notice it.  I sit on the ground, plop... it moves.  I do yoga, plop.... it moves.  I always thought this was "normal," as it's done it as long as I can remember.  It really does hurt though, which is probably due to the fact that now I know it's happening.  Isn't that the way things go?  

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